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.21 Modules and solution that integrates with any system you have as well as a free SSO single sign-on service for your systems

Go online faster

It consists of several modules that have been developed to facilitate the building of electronic solutions quickly and do not require people with experience in the field of information technology. All you need to do is understand what you want to launch as an electronic service, who are the beneficiaries and service providers and define service levels. Then DNoodles will enable you to build the service in a very short time Therefore, you can confidently launch any electronic service during the same day, regardless of its complexity, without the need to work with code at all. D-Noodles is also ready to intgrate with any electronic system such as ERP systems and LDAP systems.

SSO| Single sign-on portal

SSO portal for all systems owned by the facility. It is also fully integrated with the platform to review and arrange electronic services through it.

Nafath Integrated

Construction and single sign-on page with Nafath national access

Key Performance Indicator(KPI) 

Through the special module in building widgets to display data, you can build an integrated display panel to place all performance indicators in one interface in all details.

Web Service Generator - One of most important DNoodles modules 

This tool enables any establishment that faces a problem in creating any Web Service to create it without the need for the owner company of any system and without the need for its developers and without writing the code to use these Web Services either within the platform or give them to any other system within the establishment and it is one of the tools of the Dnoodles platform.

Platform Modules

Lists and fields module

A Module in the system to manage the types of fields and lists to be used in the system

Form Manager

Create input interfaces with fields and lists and upload files and data from integrated systems as well

Procedure management

creating the procedures to be taken on a specific service, and it is integrated into the system

Task Manager

To enable service workers to distribute tasks within each department

Files Module

Manage attached files and ensure that they are saved in an independent and integrated manner


To access all its systems from one place Nafath supported, and it is provided with the system for free

Users Module

User management and can be integrated with any system such as LDAP or ERP


To structure procedures and employees with the possibility of integrating them with ERP


A Module to define the workflow with the possibility of its integration with ERP


To manage system integration with any other systems to facilitate data exchange.

Notification module

To notify via e-mail, messages, or as desired by the entity

Payment gateway

To link with payment gateways if the service is paid


Why DNoodles

Every facility should have it.

  • Launching e-services faster
    All you need is to specify the service and you will be able to build and launch it on the same day.
  • Building solutions has become easier
    No need to deal with programming codes in order to launch an e-service, here only easy graphical input interfaces.
  • Inclusive of all needs
    The system covers a large percentage of the needs of all establishments for all activities
  • Easy-to-use Integration Solutions:The platform provides a range of integration solutions without the need for coding. It is integrated with the most popular services and systems such as Nafath, AD, payment solutions and ERP. It also has the ability to integrate with any system within the organization.